SILS ileocaecectomy for complicated ileo-colonic Crohn’s disease

Jamie Murphy, BChir, PhD, FRCS. Academic Surgical Unit, Imperial College, London, UK

Introduction: Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) offers improved cosmesis for patients and may also result in shorter hospital length of stay. However, this approach is infrequently reported as a means of performing ileo-colonic resection for complicated ileo-colonic Crohn’s disease.

Method: Video presentation highlighting the technical approaches that may facilitate the use of SILS in the setting of complicated ileo-colonic Crohn’s disease.

Results: This presentation outlines the use of SILS for the treatment of inflammatory and imminent fistulating disease with associated abdominal wall involvement. The procedures were undertaken in a lateral to medial approach and were completed in their entirety by utilising SILS surgery only with no additional laparoscopic ports. The anastomoses were performed extracorporeally with linear stapling devices. None of these patients developed postoperative complications.

Discussion: This video demonstrates that ileo-colonic resection for complex ileo-colonic Crohn’s disease can be performed safely with the use of SILS. Therefore, SILS should not be considered as a contraindication in this patient subgroup when undertaken by an experienced laparoscopic surgeon.

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