Short Term Outcomes Comparing Laparoscopic Versus Robotic Colectomies

Harsha Polavaropu, MD, George J Nassif, DO, Andres Monroy, MD, Teresa deBeche-Adams, MD, Sam Atallah, MD, Matthew R Albert, MD, Sergio W Larach, MD

Florida Hospital Center for Colon and Rectal Surgery

To assess the impact of incorporating robotics in patients undergoing colectomy by comparing the outcomes of laparoscopic and robotic colectomy.

All patients who underwent robotic colectomy at a teaching hospital between March 2008 and October 2011 were reviewed retrospectively (ROB group). These patients were case matched to similar number of patients who underwent laparoscopic colectomy during the same time period (LAP group). Patients who underwent right colectomy were included in LAP-R and ROB-R groups, and those who underwent left or sigmoid or low anterior resections became LAP-L and ROB-L groups. Statistical analysis was performed using Fisher’s exact test for categorical data and Student’s t-test for continuous data.

A total of 100 patients underwent robotic colectomy between March 2008 and October 2011. LAP-R and ROB-R groups comprised of 33 patients. LAP-L and ROB-L groups comprised of 67 patients each. The mean length of procedure (LOP) was longer in ROB-R group compared with LAP-R group (198 vs 87 minutes, p-value: 0.0001). Similarly the mean LOP was longer in ROB-L group compared with LAP-L group (257 vs 135 minutes, p-value: 0.0001). There is no statistically significant difference in the mean number of nodes harvested in cancer patients between ROB and LAP groups. The mean length of stay (LOS) was comparable in ROB-R and LAP-R groups (5 vs 7.3 days, p-value: NS), whereas the mean LOS was longer in ROB-L compared to LAP-L group (5 vs 6.7 days, p-value: 0.033).

Incorporation of robotics in performing colectomy resulted in longer operative time and longer mean LOS. As robotics are utilized more often the OR times are sure to decrease as did the OR times in early laparoscopic surgery compared to open. Further studies need to be done comparing the functional outcomes in left colectomy to prove the benefits of robotics.

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Program Number: P072

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