Retrospective study comparing laparoscopic and open resection for transeverse colon cancer

Although the large randomized trials are going about laparoscopic-assited colectomy(LAC) versus open colectomy(OC) for cancer, all of thease excluded patients with transverse colon cancer. Our study aimed to compare efficacy and safty of LAC and OC for treatment of transverse colon cancer in terms of morbidity and tumor recurrence and survivals.
From February,1995,to March 2007, all patients with primary transverse colon cancer were assessed retrospectively exclude patients with preoperative stage ‡W.
131 patients took part in the study(68 LAC group, 63 OC group). LAC were similar to patients with OC in age, gender and the body mass index .In 4 cases,(5.8%)laparoscopic resection was converted to a laparotomy.
Intraoperative blood losses(mean 76 vs 222ml; P

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