Resection of an advanced invasive tunor of the transverse colon

Setelio S Rua, MD, Alda Pinto, MD

hoapital litoral alentejano

Introduction: Although it’s common for small tumors to be successfully resected by laparoscopic access, large tumors are problematic because of their size and invasion of surrounding structures.

Methods and procedures: This video demonstrates the steps in a procedure that successfully resects a large invasive tumor for a man 51 years old, BMI 20, ASA II, referred for an occlusive moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of the splenic flexure without any distant lesion

2 trocares of 10 mm and 2 trocares of 5 mm are introduzed

exmination of the colon confirms a large tumor located at the splenic flexure with invasion of the great cuvature of the stomach

segmental resection of the colon and atipical gastrectomy is realized with and extracorporeal colo-colic anastomosis

Results: 4 hours of surgery but the lenght of the hospital stay is only 4 days

histology: p T4N1M0

Conclusion: this mini invasive approach permits all the advantages of the laparoscopy approach, quicker recovery and good cosmetic, with the same oncologic results of the open apprach

Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: P050

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