Recurrent intussusception- laparoscopic conversion of loop gastrojejunostomy with side to side enterostomy to Roux Y configuration

Daniel L Moon, MD. Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center.

Intussusception is an uncommon but recognized complication of Roux en Y gastrojejunostomy. One of the theories for it is disruption of the migrating motor complex. This patient is peculiar in that she had persistent episodes of retrograde intussusceptions over the course of a year in the setting of antrectomy, loop gastrojejunstomy and Braun enteroenterostomy, which was performed three decades earlier for gastric outlet obstruction secondary to peptic ulcer disease. This video describes resection of the Braun enteroenterostomy and redoing the anastomoses in a Roux en Y configuration, which is one of the treatment options for recurrent intusussception in the setting of a primary Roux en Y.

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