recto colic polipoisis: A total proctocolectomy by laparoscopic solution

Setelio S Rua, MD, Alda Pinto, Ana Cruz, MD

hospotal litoral alentejano

lady with 47 years old

prolapse rectal with poliuposis of the colon and the rectum

she has been operated by laparoscopy approach

2 trocares of 5 mm 2 trocares of 10 mm

the surgery started with the intersphincteric dissection before the laparoscopic time

a total coloprotectomy has been realized with a J pouch and a protective ileostomy

the histology has reveled pTis

1 month later we closed the ileostomy and the patient has very good functional result with a Wexner indice = 0

Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: P061

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