Re-thoracoscopy in a Case of Anastamotic Leak After Esophago-gastrectomy and Intra Thoracic Anastomosis

C Palanivelu, P Senthilnathan, P Praveen Raj, R Parthasarthi, P S Rajan, V Vaithiswaran. GEM Hospital & Research Centre


Background: A 65 year old male undewent minimally invasive modified Ivor Lewis oesophago- gasrectomy with intrathoracic esophago-gastric anastomosis. There was Right loculated pleural effusion on postopeative day 5 and a leak was suspected.

Methods: The patient was taken up for re-thracoscopy. This video shows how the procedure is carried out in this complicated case with attention to safety. There was a patch of vascular gangrene on the stomach tube which was excised and re-anastomosis was done. Since the re-exploration was done on the 5th day, inflammation was minimal and sutures held well without cutting through.

Result: We were able to salvage the patient and patient was discharged after 23 days in the hospital. In carefully selected sub set of patients, re-thorocoscopy prevents thorocotomy or esophageal diversion thereby aiding in faster recovery,

Session Number: VidTV1 – Video Channel Rotation Day 1
Program Number: V086

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