Prospective Evaluation of Adhesion Characteristics to Intraperitoneal Mesh and Adhesiolysis-related Complications During Laparoscopic Re-exploration After Prior Ventral Hernia Repair

Introduction: The risks and operative complexity of reoperation after ventral hernia repair has not been defined for barrier meshes designed for intraperitoneal placement. The purpose of this study is to define the adhesion characteristics of absorbable and nonabsorbable barrier-coated meshes and to report adhesiolysis-related complications during laparoscopic re-exploration after prior ventral hernia repair with intraperitoneal mesh.
Methods: Under an IRB-approved protocol, patients undergoing laparoscopic re-exploration after prior intraperitoneal mesh placement were prospectively graded intraoperatively for adhesion tenacity (0-4) to the mesh, adhesion surface area (0=0%, 1-10%=1, 11-20%=2…10=91-100%) over the mesh and ratio of adhesiolysis time over the mesh:mesh surface area (min/cm2). Adhesiolysis-related complications were also recorded. Data are given as means ± SD. Statistical significance (p

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Program Number: S020

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