Potential site of Autonomic nerve injury during Laparoscopic Total mesorectal excision. A video demonstration focusing on location of nerve related to surgical exposure.

Siripong Cheewatanakornkul, MD. UCSF

The rectal cancer surgery has a risk of nerve injury. Total mesorectal excision (TME) has been a gold standard for rectal cancer surgery since 1990s by Prof healed. In this technique is complete excision of mesorectal tissue within the intact envelop of fascia propia of the rectum. Also, preservation of autonomic nerve is warranted to avoid genitourinary complication and sexual dysfunction. In the present, laparoscopic treatment is more popular and has benefit to identify the autonomic nerve by obviously. This video demonstrated potential site of autonomic nerve injury during laparoscopic TME with focusing on location of nerve related to the surgical exposure during surgery. We believe that meticulous dissection with autonomic nerve identification should be done in order to retain patient’s genitourinary and sexual function.

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