Plural hands-on seminar program for laparoscopic surgery, especially for residents

Hiroshi Kawahira, MD2, Naoyuki Hanari, MD1, Hisashi Gunji, MD1, Hideki Hayashi, MD2, Hisahiro Matsubara1. 2Frontier Medical Engineering, Chiba University, 1Frontier Surgery, Chiba University

Background/Purpose: It is desirable to practice laparoscopic training continuously for mastering laparoscopic surgery, especially for surgical residents. We have been holding the hands-on seminar for residents about laparoscopic surgery sponsored by Chiba University Hospital and Chiba Prefectural Government. Trainees need to come to the training center at Chiba University Hospital every three weeks, for three times in total. We report the results of the questionnaire findings of the trainees.

Method: Our training programs are aimed for surgical residents. Each trainee has to attend the seminar for two hours every three weeks, three times and six hours training in total to the training Center at Chiba University Hospital. The maximum capacity for attendee is three. The three expert laparoscopic surgeons instructed each trainee. Our training program consisted of lectures about the basic skills for laparoscopic surgery and hands-on seminar for suturing. We also used the 3D laparoscopy and the virtual simulator in the program during the program. Laparoscopic needle drivers and training dry boxes were lent to the trainees during the program. After the program, we asked the trainees the nine items-questionnaires about the training program.

Results: From November 20th, 2013, total 12 trainees were participated. All the trainees were completed the three times programs except that one trainee had emergency surgery on the last seminar. The results of nine-items questionnaires were obtained from ten trainees. The length, usefulness for the surgery, and schedule of each seminar was adequate. The task was slight difficult level for 4 trainees.

Conclusions: We kept the trainees motivated by plural seminar program. 

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