PeriOperative Management software: OR Live Data

Henry Lin, MD, Ernest Lockrow, MD, Michael Szymaniak, RN, Jacques Clervil, PMP, ITILv, Michael Stany, MD. Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

1. Objective of technology or device

The perioperative environment is one of particular significance in healthcare. Recently, there has been much attention paid to this area with a focus on increasing its efficiency and safety. Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) at Bethesda has been working with a partner, LiveData, Inc., under at United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) & Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) grants on a project for the perioperative area integrating existing hospital information systems with medical equipment in the operating room to allow sharing of patient information during the surgical procedure by the surgical team.


2. Description of technology and method of its use or application

LiveData PeriOp Manager™ integrates real-time data with workflow automation to coordinate and manage patient care throughout the perioperative suite. From preoperative assessments through surgery to discharge, PeriOp Manager provides operational status and notifications for each step of care by including:

OR-Schedule Board: a real-time view of the day’s surgical cases, enabling staff to improve patient throughput.
PreOp Board: single, dynamic, operational view of patient status and preoperative case workflow.
OR-Dashboard: integrated display of patient data from hospital medical records and physiological devices with automated surgical workflow and patient safety information including Active Time Out®, a real-time, interactive surgical safety checklist.
PACU Board: single, dynamic, operational view of patient status and post-anesthesia case workflow.
Family Waiting Board: display enabling families to track the progress of their loved ones as they move through the surgical process.
Analytics: comprehensive data analysis and reporting, using big data technology to transform real-time operational data into actionable quality, compliance, and efficiency intelligence.


3. Preliminary results

SCIP Measures

OR-Dashboard will ensure that all EMR fields required for SCIP extraction are present before the case ends.


Patient Safety

OR-Dashboard with Active Time Out is being used at several hospitals including Massachusetts General Hospital, St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor, and a large VA Medical Center. Active Time Out  has been established as a durable, measureable process to improve patient safety and care quality. These locations report increased compliance with surgical safety checklists and an improved culture of safety.


A large VA Medical Center’s use of Active Time Out was highlighted as a best practice by The Joint Commission during their survey in July 2013.


OR Efficiency

In June 2013 when a large VA Medical Center implemented OR-Dashboard in 10 ORs, only 37% of first cases started on-time. By November, first case on-time starts improved to 82%.

4. Conclusions / future directions.

The primary objective of the LiveData PeriOp Manager project is the development of a suite of hospital management software modules that integrate and monitor preoperative, operating room (OR), and postoperative workflow (the perioperative process) to create a safer and more efficient critical care environment for hospitals including the Military Health System.  We plan to implement PeriOp Manager this year.

LiveData, LiveData PeriOp Manager, LiveData OR-Dashboard, and Active Time Out are trademarks or registered trademarks of LiveData, Inc.

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