Patient factors predictive of 24 hour pH normalization following endoluminal gastroplication for GERD

Background: Endoluminal full thickness gastroplication has been shown to have significant and long lasting improvement of GERD symptoms and health related quality of life (HRQL) with very little patient morbidity. These treatments, however, are criticized for normalizing esophageal acid exposure in only 30 – 40% of patients treated. We hypothesize that there are objective criteria that will identify those patients who will have a normal DeMeester score following endoluminal treatment. Prospectively gathered outcomes data was statistically analyzed to identify those patients who would be expected to have a normal 24 hour pH study post endoluminal treatment.

Methods: Data from a prospective multicenter trial using the NDO Plicator device to treat GERD was available for statistical analysis. All patients were treated with Endoluminal full-thickness gastroplication. All patients had GERD symptoms, abnormal 24 hr pH exposure and hiatal hernias

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