Nissen Fundoplication with Pure Single Incision Laparoscopy Technique

UMUT BARBAROS, MD, TUGRUL DEMIREL, MD, AZIZ SÜMER, AHMET DINÇÇAG, OSMAN GÖZKÜN, RIDVAN SEVEN, SELÇUK MERCAN. Istanbul university, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Department of General Surgery

Aim: The repair of a hiatal hernia presenting with reflux disease and a standart fundoplication via single incision with out any assistance of any other port.

Methods: A 29 year old male patient who had reflux symptoms had undergone an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy which reveiled Hill grade III-IV hiatal insufficiency and a 4 cm sliding hiatal hernia. A standart crural repair without a mesh reinforcement with a standart Floppy Nissen Fundoplication with the mobilisation of gastro-splenic ligament via a single 2 cm umblical incision by using a special port.

Results: The operation time was 120 minutes and the patient was discharged on the first postoperative day. The whole procedure was performed from the first incision to the wound closure through a umblical single incision of 2 cm. No any other ports were needed for retraction of liver or recontruction of the fundoplication.

Conclusion: Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery has been used in a wide variety of procedures and can also be used to further minimalise the technique of laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication.

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