New Approach for Transperitoneal Left Adrenalectomy

V.v. Grubnik, Prof, O.s. Burlak, V.v. Ilyashenko. Odessa national medical university


Background. Endoscopic left adrenalectomy can be performed using either a retroperitoneal or transperitoneal approach.
The aim of this study was to develop a new transperitoneal approach for left adrenalectomy, and evaluate the safeness of this surgical technique.
Methods. Design of study – cohort prospective study. From 2009 to 2011, original transperitoneal approach was used in 36 patients. It is performed by transection of gastrosplenic ligament, posterior leaf of parietal peritoneum and retoperitoneal access to the gland. There were 22 incidentalomas, 9 pheochromocytomas, and 5 Conn’s adenoma.
Results: Every procedure was performed successfully. There were no conversions. The mean blood loss was 82 ml (range, 70 – 112), mean duration of surgery was 55 min (range, 30 – 90). The need for placement of drain was in 35 % of cases. Mean hospital stay was 4 days (range, 3 – 7).
Conclusions. Novel transperitoneal approach to left adrenalectomy showed safeness. It requires further study to prospectively compare it with retroperitoneal one, in order to chose the best approach for left adrenalectomy.

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