Needle for Abdominal Wall Closure

Background: Laparoscopic surgery is increasingly present in our midst. There are some complications related to the use of portal namely bleeding, internal hernia, pain and bruising of the wall. The closing of the gates in our view it is important to minimize complications on bariatric surgery . There are on market tools that greatly facilitates this closure, but with a higher cost about $ 2000.00. We have developed a synthems that facilitates this closure, with 10 x lower cost. The closing of the gates becomes faster and safer avoiding the complications in the postoperative.

Methods: We did a prospective ranging from 100 patients who underwent bariatric surgery at the Hospital Santa Casa de Misericórdia in Curitiba, Brasil.Group The 50 patients and not closing the gates of 10-12 mm. Group B 50 patients with closure of the gates with Branco’s Needle.

Results: Immediate bleeding of the abdominal wall occurred in 80% of patients in group A. Was compressed with gauze and injection of lidocaine with adrenaline about 15 ml diluted in saline solution. There have been stopped or reduced bleeding in all pacientes.O index of hernia in the late postoperative period in patients of this group was 1-3%.
In group B, which utillizou Branco’s needle for closure of the abdominal wall did not occur in the postoperative bleeding. There were no hernias in the portals in group B. And we found that these patients the incidence of pain was less.

Conclusions: The closure of the abdominal wall becomes easier with the use of white needle. The incidence of bleeding in patients who had withdrawn from the portal was high about 80%. We need closing the hatches to reduce complications in bariatric patients.Branco’s Needle is an instrument of low cost and easy handling. And the wall closure abdominal becomes easy even in patients with morbid obesity.

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