Model of Portable Training Simulator, in Endoscopic Surgery

The endoscopic Surgery demands surgical skill and hard task, after the popularización of this technique arose in the market several kind of training simulators, which every time are in different fashion, electronic, digital, expensive, that needs an installation space, multiple connections which specifically has like limitation destining a time for it and perhaps the submission to an established schedule.
The purpose of this work is to present a model of portable training simulator in endoscopic surgery with several skill stations
We design a model of training simulator endoscopic surgery totally portable, wireless, light, versatile, with screen LCD integrated with two varieties: a) Simulator with lens of commercial video with autofocus with increase 800 x b) simulator with microchamber of circuit closed without autofoco, where different stations from skill that include movements of instruments (Grasper, Endoclinch, Maryland, endobabcock, endoclip, mechanical endosutures), exercises of dissection, eskeletización of vascular structures, external and internal knots performance, continuous suture, interrupted suture, hemostasia and mimicking complications like: Bleeding of cystic artery and short gastric vessels, esophageal and gastric perforation. RESULTS
It was managed subsequently to obtain the endoscopic surgical skill in gradual form until managing to realize the complete procedure in the 100% of the designed stations.
The use of a portable endoscopic training simulator allows to save time to the resident surgery in order to dedicate a little time during the day and thus to be able to complete all the different skill stations

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