Modalities for pancreatic pseudocyst drainage

Sami S Judeeba, MBBSTeaching, Assistant, KAU, Mohammed Almsarri, Consultant, General, and, Laparoscopic, Surg

King Abdulaziz University

Key words :
Ranson’s criteria
Percutaneous drainage
Surgeon’s satisfaction

Background :
Pancreatic pseuodocyst still one of the commonest complication of acute pancreatitis seen in radiological imaging & it’s drainage always the first question come in mind when & how to be asked [1]. Treatment options in term of percutaneous, endoscopic & surgical internal drainage are mainly to avoid complication, relieve symptoms, & when malignancy is highly suspicious [2]

Our Study will discuss the different methods for drainage with relation of various laboratory results to final outcome & appropriate timing of intervention .

Method :
A comparative of certain number of cases in retrospective cross sectional study was carried out using information supplied by the phoenix system of KAUH for operative detailed conducted between 2000 Till 2012, cases was included in research treated with a different modalities will be studied thoroughly using SPSS version 17 for data analysis & processing

References :
1. Jani N, Bani Hani M, Schulick RD, Hruban RH, Cunningham SC. Diagnosis and management of cystic lesions of the pancreas. Diagn Ther Endosc. 2011;2011:478913.
2. Aljarabah M, Ammori BJ. Laparoscopic and endoscopic approaches for drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts: a systematic review of published series. Surg Endosc. Nov 2007;21(11):1936-44.

Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: P359

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