Magnetic Surgery, Reality or Fantasy

Magnetic surgery, Reality or Fantasy


In the way of the mini aggression, arises the need to realize determinations innovations to be able to carry surgical procedures out. For this end, we present our skill based on the electromagnetic energy

We realize 90 surgeries with platform NOTES, using a system of withdrawal, creation of space and mobilization of organs and guts for an electromagnetic field.
These surgeries were cholecystectomy, appendectomy and gynecological operations


There been in this series neither morbidity nor mortality associated with the employment of this magnetic system. The exhibition and the mobilization were ideal and they allowed to work with a low pressure of insuflation


The system electromagnetic (hanging patent) is a very ingenious system to realize surgical maneuvers that earlier her realized instruments, facilitating this way the decrease of punctures and accesses, allowing a minor aggression, a minor post operative pain and earlier discharge from the hospital

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