Loop Knots Versus Harmonic Scalpel in Laparoscopic Appendectomy

Syed Jawad Shah, doctor, Syed Jawad Shah, doctor

Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

INTRODUCTION: Laparoscopic appendectomy is most widely and preferred technique for simple uncomplicated appendicitis. However preferences may reside in tying base of appendix with loop knots or removing the appendix and its messentry with ultrasonic Harmonic scalpel, and may vary surgeon to surgeon, with some preferring the conventional knot tying of appendicular base while others preferring the more advance and swift way using Harmonic.

METHODS AND MATERIALS: THIS STUDY WAS carried out at surgical department of Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, over a period of one year, 60 patients were included and divided into two groups containing 30 patients each, using loop knots in group A and harmonic scalpel in group B, a comparative analysis was done for both techniques regarding postoperative pain, hospital stay, surgery time, postoperative bleeding(if any), postoperative infection.

RESULTS: No major differences were noted in either group statistically, regarding postoperative pain, hospital stay, postoperative bleeding or infection, however mean operative time was relatively shorter in group B patients: with harmonic scalpel.

CONCLUSION: Although the study did not reveal any significant difference in statistical comparison of two study groups, further still using Harmonic scalpel for appendectomy shortened the surgery time and avoided the cumbersome technique of loop knots, and showed that Harmonic is a safer and reliable alternative.

Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: P545

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