Left segmental colonic resection with extractraction of the specimen trough the inguinal hernia orifice

Setelio S Rua, MD, Diogo Marinho

hospital litoral alentejano

a 72 years old man

with a tumor of the sigma and a indirect giant right inguinal hernia

a left segmental ressection of the tumor has been realized and we put the tumor in a bag

we opened the orifce of the hernia and as it was an indirect hernia we took the specimen in the bag through the same orifice and as it was a clean surgery we decided to treat the hernia with a mesh; before closing the orifice of the hernia the anvil is introduced in the abdominal cavity trough the orifice of the inguinal defect

3 days of hospitalisation without any infection

and the patient is on follow up pT3N0M0

Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: P062

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