Lapband Placement with Repair of Incidental Hiatal Hernia Using Curved Laparoscopic Instruments Through a Single Incision

Single incision laparoscopic surgery has been increasingly attempted to perform abdominal surgery to avoid placingmany trocars.

This is a case presentation of a LapBand placement using this technique with simultaneous repair of an incidentally found hiatal hernia. The case illustrates the advantage of using curved laparoscopic instruments to overcome the ergonomic challenges posed by the congested placement of instruments through a single incision.We also demonstrate the benefit of usinga flexible tip laparoscope.

We believe that minimally invasive surgery is becoming an eversodynamic field. There is increasing desire to attemptless invasive techniques with promote less pain, faster recovery, and better cosmesis.We believe that single incision laparoscopic surgery is the next logical step to standard laparoscopy. Whether this technology is here to stay or serve asa bridge to natural orifice surgery, surgeons shouldstrive to refine their techniques and delve into the steep learning curve.

Session: Video Channel

Program Number: V047

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