Laparoscopy in Gynecological Emergency a Comparison Between 2 Departments

Roxana Ganescu, MD, PhD, Sorin Paun, MD, PhD, *Liana Ples, MD, PhD, Ionut Negoi, MD, PhD, Bogdan Gaspar, MD, PhD, *Mihaela Burtea, MD

Emergency Hospital Bucharest Romania*, ‘Bucur’ Clinic of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Although gynecological emergency can be the privilege of gynecologists, there are situation when this pathology addresses first to general surgeons. The aim of this study is to make a comparison between a general surgery department and a gynecological department in terms of acute abdomen of gynecological origin.

Material and Method: A retrospectiv study is carried out for 20 patients with acute abdomen of gynecological origin treated in General Surgery Department of Emergency Hospital Bucharest (Group I) and for 20 patients with the same pathology treated in Obstetrics and Gynecology Department „Bucur”(Group II). The pathology includes: 15 complicated ovarian cysts and 5 ectopic pregnancies for each group.

Results: The mean age was 26,3 for Group I and 24,7 for Group II. In terms of localisations in Group I we counted 16 cases on right side (13 cysts and 3 ectopic pregnancies) and for Group II 12 cases on the right side (8 cysts and 4 ectopic pregnancies). Time adminsion to OR was 6,45 hours respectively 8,12 hours. The mean operation time was 56,45 min for Group I and 74,5 min for Group II. In both Groups cystectomies and salpingectomies were performed and 2 patients with ectopic pregnancies needed blood transfusion in both Groups. There was no conversions, morbidity or mortality and median hospital stay was 4,74 days respectively 6,2 days.

Conclusions: Young female with right lower abdominal pain of gynecological origin presented as an acute abdomen addressed not allways to a gynecologist and that is why also general surgeons face this type of pathology. In this study there are no signifficat diferencies in terms of treatment and postoperative evolution between this 2 Groups.

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Program Number: P541

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