Laparoscopic vs open abdominoperineal resection for rectal cancer

Introduction: This study aimed to compare clinical and oncologic outcomes to laparoscopic (LAPR) and open abdominoperineal resection (OAPR) for rectal cancer.
Methods: All consecutive patients undergoing LAPR for primary rectal cancer between 2000 and July 2007 were included. Consecutive cases of OAPR underewent between 1995 and 2007 were compared with LAPR.
Results: Twenty four patients with LAPR were compared with 35 OAPR. Patient characteristics were shown on Table 1.  No patient underwent neoadjuvant chemoradiation. T3 stage tumors were 62.5% of LAPR and 68.6% of OAPR. T4 stage was in 8.6% of OAPR, but none in LAPR. Node positive cases were 54.2% of LAPR and 54.3% in OAPR. Distant metastasis was shown in 8.3% of LAPR and 8.6% of OAPR. The procedure was converted to laparotomy in one patient (4.2%). There was no significant difference in oparative time and significantly less blood loss in LAPR. There was one case of hospital mortality (2.9%) in OAPR and none in LAPR. And morbidity rate was similar in both groups.
Conclusion: LAPR for rectal cancer is feasible with the advantage of less blood loss.

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