Laparoscopic Total Gastrectomy for Menetrier’s Disease

Kristin W Beard, MD, Ahmed Sharata, MD, Paul Colavita, MD, Christy Dunst, MD, Lee Swanstrom, MD, Kevin Reavis, MD. The Oregon Clinic

Menetrier’s Disease is a rare hypertrophic gastropathy disorder. This disorder may be misdiagnosed for other disease processes; therefore the treatment may be delayed. The disorder is progressively morbid, which can lead to gastric malignancy. When medical therapy fails, surgical resection is recommended. The purpose of this presentation is to educate and demonstrate the technical challenges. Moreover, illustrating post-operative course and clinical outcomes to surgeons about this surgically curable illness. A minimally invasive approach to surgical resection may be considered early in the management course, which can relieve symptoms, improve quality of life, and prevent progression to malignancy for patients with Menetrier’s Disease.

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