Laparoscopic suturing skills after five -day short practice using box trainer

OBJECTIVES: Currently, skills labs are becoming increasingly important in the field of medical education. The aims of this study are to objectively assess psychomotor skill acquisition for surgical residents and medical students by five-day training using a box trainer.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twelve surgical residents (SR group) with minimum experience of laparoscopic surgery and 9 medical students (MS group) without any surgical experience were enrolled. After daily training of intracoporeal suturing and knot-tying (ISK) with surgeon’s knot using a Nissen fundoplication model with a box trainer (LAPCOACHER, HAKKO, JAPAN) for 10 -15 minutes, the time to complete the suturing and knot-tying was measured.
RESULTS: The time to complete ISK (the surgeon’s knot) of all 21 members on day 1 was 243.5+/-117.7 seconds, which however it was gradually decreased to 83.1+/-23.7 seconds on day 5 (mean+/-SD, p

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