Laparoscopic Surgery Videos (LSV) as a ‘visual aid’ improve Medical Student’s Learning of Anatomy (MSLA): A Randomized Controlled Study.

Objective of study :Approaches to teaching correlate with quality of learning. Knowledge of anatomy a foundation for surgical skills can improve by visualization. Dissection on dwindling ‘available cadaver’ population fails to achieve this in totality. Easily available LSVs can be useful as visual teaching aids. Study was aimed to evaluate the utility of LSV in MSLA.
Methods and procedure :100 students of a top ranking medical college, holding equivalent ranks as per results of a National Entrance Examination were randomized into control group (CG) which continued learning through established module and study group (SG) where LSVs were incorporated in lectures with in same study hours.No additional resources were recruited as the LSVs used were the routine recordings in the operation theaters. Examination marks and grades were the primary end points. Improved motivation (IM), help in revision (HR), drawing(Dwg), group discussion (GD) and attraction for career in surgery (ACS) were noted as secondary end points to indicate the desirability of LSV as a useful teaching aid.
Results :Students in SG scored better than the students in CG in a preliminary semester test. Improvement was seen both in theory as well as practical. Final quantitative evaluation in anual examination is due in December. 4% students saw LSV as a burden.Reults of student’s perception & adoption of LSV concept were highly encouraging as shown in the Table-
Conclusion :
LSV can be a good ueful tool in MSLA as shown by both acceptance and performance of medical students. It also has a potntial to enhance the appeal of surgical career .

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