Laparoscopic Surgery for Gastric Volvulus

Nobuyasu Kano, MD PhD FACS, Masaru Abe, MD, Takeshi Shimizu, MD, Hiroshi Kusanagi, MD PhD, Akihiko Takeshi, MD PhD, Makio Mike, MD PhD, Shigetoshi Yamada, MD, Yu Watarai, MD PhD, Akira Tsunoda, MD PhD, Motoji Fukazawa, MD, Noritsugu Naito, MD, Ken . Kameda Medical Center

A technique for laparoscopic fixation of the stomach to the abdominal wall in case of gastric volvulus is presented. An 82 year old female with gastric volvulus was treated conservatively first. However, the symptom relapsed and the surgical management was indicated. We observed the abdominal cavity by laparoscopy and confirmed that volvulus was reduced at that time. The stomach wall was fixed to the abdominal wall in three points laparoscopically. A 3-0 vicryl was placed in the abdominal cavity through a trocar and the thread was sutured to the stomach. One side of the thread was pulled out to outside of the abdominal wall using an Endo Close. The Endo Close was pushed into the subcutaneous space at the point where the Endo Close was pulled out and was pushed back to the abdominal cavity at the point 1cm lateral to the previous puncture site. And another side of the thread was grasped and pulled out. The same procedure was done in tree sites. After placing three threads, the threads were tied as insufflation was relieved. The stomach was fixed to the abdominal wall properly. The postoperative course was uneventful.

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