Laparoscopic Sigmoidectomy (ls). Inmediate Outcome in Relation to Primary Disease.

LS is feasible and reproducible and it means the best example of MIS for colon disease. However technical difficulty as well outcome would depend on the initial diagnosis. The aim of this paper has been to asses the outcome differences in relation to the diverse indications for LS. Material and methods. We retrieved from a prospective database of advanced lap procedures, all the patients submitted to LS. They were divided following the diagnosis between adenoma (n:26), adenocarcinoma (n:217), diverticulitis (n:41) and other (11). Operative time, conversion, morbidity, mortality and stay were recorded.

Conclusions: Op time was significantly longer in the diverticulitis group, and also they were significantly younger. The best clinical results appeared in the adenoma group, consequence of a best preserved anatomy. Initial diagnose pose important implications on feasibility and outcome after LS.

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