Laparoscopic Sigmoidectomy and Anastomotic Leak

This video demonstrates a laparoscopic approach to complex diverticulitis, as well as post-operative anastomotic leak. The patient is a 43 year-old morbidly obese male (BMI 48) who developed diverticulitis with a 9cm intra-abdominal abscess. Despite percutaneous drainage, the patient had continued sepsis requiring surgery. The patient underwent a hand-assist sigmoid resection. This video highlights techniques to manage complicated diverticulitis including takedown of fistulae, adhesiolysis, and difficult ureter identification. The patient unfortunately developed sepsis and was taken back and explored laparoscopically. A small leak was identified, repaired, and proximally diverted. This video highlights the laparoscopic approach to postoperative intra-abdominal sepsis. As surgeons perform more laparoscopic colorectal surgery, we must learn to approach our complications by minimally invasive techniques.

Session: Podium Video Presentation

Program Number: V017

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