Laparoscopic Repair of Foramen of Winslow Hernia

George DeNoto, MD, Shabana Perveen, MD, Shelish Garg, MD. Northshore -LIJ Hofstra University Health system..

The reviewed patient presented to the emergency room at our hospital with five hours of severe epigastric pain. He underwent an emergent CT scan to rule out any intra-abdominal pathology. Review of the CT scan by a radiologist found evidence of a foramen of Winslow hernia and a surgical consult was called. Patient’s symptoms had resolved by the time he was seen by surgery. However, with diagnosis of foramen of Winslow hernia it was felt obligatory to fix the hernia surgically for concern of bowel ischemia based on all previous published reports. The patient underwent laparoscopic repair of the hernia and recovered well postoperatively.

This presentation in a 77-year-old male is unusual and laparoscopic management of foramen of Winslow hernia with reduction and cecopexy presents an interesting and challenging management scenario.

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