Laparoscopic Panceratectomy of Acinar Pancreatic Cancer

David Aguirre-mar, MD, MSM, MEdu, Eduardo Giasi, MD, Genaro Vazquez, MD, Paola Ripa, MD. Medical Arts Institute – Itesm School Of Medicine.

INTRODUCTION – The purpose of this Case Report Video is present a case of an acinar cell pancreatic cancer with laparoscpic resection technique, and to discuss the clinical presentation, surgical feasibility and technical tips of this approach.

We present the case of a caucasic 52 year-old male patient with Acinar Cell Pancreatic Cancer resected by laparoscopy. The neoplasm was found incidentally in an abdominal CT scan for the evaluation of hematuria. After the mass was found, we performed a contrast enhanced MRI scan for staging the neoplasm. The surgery was performed by laparoscopy with a complete resection of the pancreas tail including the spleen ‘on block’. The pathology analysis reported an acinar cell pancreatic cancer of the pancreas, lymphovascular invasion with non positive nodes nor metastatic disease. The patient was discharged on good conditions at the fifth postoperative day and  has been followed in the outpatient clinic.

METHODS AND PROCEDURES – A video case report of the laparoscopic resection of pancreatic tail due to an acinar pancreatic cancer is shown.

RESULTS –The video demostrate that lapatoscopic technique is fesasible and secure and the oncologic surgical criteria can be fulfill with this surgical approach.

CONCLUSION(S) – The laparoscopic resection of a pancreatic neoplasm involving the pancreatic tail is a secure and feasible techinque and that can be performed fulfilling the oncologic criteria for complete resection. 

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