Laparoscopic Managment of Iliac Vein Injury

Laparoscopic Management of Iliac Vein Injury
Hellinger M, Gagner M, Jorge I, Rekkas S, Tangir J

Major vascular injuries during laparoscopy is uncommon. Most cases are reported while obtaining access into the peritoneal cavity. We report a case of an iliac vein injury during a laparoscopic abdomino-perineal resection with hysterectomy. A 1 cm longitudinal laceration was made with the electrocautery tip of the Ligasure (Valleylab
5920 Longbow Dr. Boulder, Colorado). This injury was repaired laparoscopically. A 5mm trocar was placed over the site of injury and a Satinsky clamp was introduced into the abdomen through the puncture hole. A double layered 5-0 running prolene suture was used to repair the defect. There was no bleeding after the repair and good flow was observed.

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Program Number: V019

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