Laparoscopic Management of the Failed Nissen Fundoplication

P D Colavita, MD, T R Martin, MD, R F Sing, DO, D Stefanidis, MD PhD, B T Heniford, MD. Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC


Laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication is a common and well recognized treatment for reflux; unfortunately, the operation can fail and require reoperation in approximately 3% of patients. In this video we describe takedown of a failed Nissen Fundoplication, dissection and closure of the crus, reinforcement of the crus with a synthetic absorbable mesh, and construction of a new Nissen fundoplication. We also demonstrate a Collis Gastroplasty in the case of shortened esophagus following a failed repair.

Session Number: VidTV3 – Video Channel Rotation Day 3
Program Number: V144

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