Laparoscopic Management of Small Bowel Obstruction Due to Meckel’s Diverticulum in the Adult.

Alex Gandsas, MD, Adeshola Fakulujo, MD, Wanda Good, DO, Sohail Mamdani, DO, Abier Abdelnaby, MD. UMDNJ-SOM


Small bowel obstruction in the adult as a result of a Meckel’s diverticulum is an uncommon surgical condition that carries high morbidity if treatment is not rendered in a timely fashion.

Case presentations and Methods:
We report a case of a 39-year-old male who was admitted to the emergency room with a 3 day history of left lower abdominal pain. Physical exam, as well as images, was consistent with small bowel obstruction. A diagnostic laparoscopy demonstrated a Meckel’s diverticulum acting as a fixed point strangulating the ileum, thus, compromising the blood supply of the affected segment. A diverticulectomy was carried out and conservative approach was chosen regarding the affected small bowel.

Patient recovered with no complications and was discharged on the second post operative day.

This video presentation underscores the importance of including a complication of a Meckel’s diverticulum as part of a differential diagnosis of bowel obstruction in a male adult with no previous history of abdominal surgery.

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