Laparoscopic Isolated Caudate Lobectomy for Hemangioma

Juan P Toro, MD, Nathaniel W Lytle, MD, Ankit D Patel, MD, S.Scott Davis, MD, Juan M Sarmiento, MD, Edward Lin, DO

Emory university

The anatomy of the caudate lobe and its close proximity to major vascular structures make resection difficult. The Laparoscopic approach can provide excellent visualization for dissection and vascular control in addition to the known benefits of a minimally invasive procedure. We present our fifth case of laparoscopic caudate lobe resection. It is a 57-year-old female patient with a 6.5cm hemangioma in the caudate segment compressing the IVC, portal vein, the left and medial hepatic veins, as well as the left bile duct. This caudate lobe resection was performed without any intraoperative complication. The operative time was 56 minutes. Blood loss was under 100cc and the length of stay was two days.

Session: Podium Presentation

Program Number: V005

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