Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair with Undescended Testes Removal

Rahul Singh, MD, Archana Ramaswamy, MD. University of Missouri

In this video, we present a patient who was found to have an undescended testes during a laparoscopic TEP inguinal hernia repair. During the dissection a tubular structure attached to an ovoid soft mass was seen within the hernia sac. Following mobilization this mass was pushed into the peritoneal space for later examination. Following repair of bilateral inguinal hernias, we proceeded with a diagnostic laparoscopy. The mass was unusual in its location, as it seemed to be partly intraperitoneal. After confering with the urologists we excised this mass and sent it for histopathological analysis, where it was diagnosed as an intra-abdominal gonad, with marked atrophy and extensive hyalinization of the seminiferous tubules consistant with an undescended testes.

Session: VidTV3
Program Number: V105

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