Laparoscopic Experience with Vernix Caseosa Peritonitis

Jonathan G Bailey, MD, Dennis Klassen, MD. Dalhousie University

Vernix Caseosa Peritonitis (VCP) is a rare condition presenting within several weeks of caesarean section with the triad of peritonitis, fever and leukocytosis. Due to its non-specific symptoms and unremarkable laboratory and radiological investigations VCP is generally diagnosed intraoperatively. A cheesy white exudate coating the serosa of the intraperitoneal organs in the absence of inflammation of viscera is pathognomonic. The diagnosis is confirmed by biopsy of the white plaques. The purpose of this video presentation is to raise awareness of VCP, as well as review the clinical, intraoperative and histological presentation of VCP. This video demonstrates laparoscopic diagnosis and treatment of VCP.

Session: SS15
Program Number: V040

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