Laparoscopic-assisted Adrenalectomy for a Giant Adrenal Tumor: A Local Experience.

Tess Annette E Serrato-Libron, MD1, Miguel C Mendoza, MD1, Janeth Carreon, MD2, Manuel B Pocsidio, MD1, John Paul Regala, MD2. 1AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital, 2Asian Hospital and Medical Center


This study aims to report an experience on Laparoscopic-Assisted Adrenalectomy for a huge adrenal tumor presenting as an adrenal incidentaloma with imaging features of a Giant Cavernous Adrenal Hemangioma, which is of rare incidence.


This is a descriptive discussion of a case of a 47 year old male with an incidental finding of a 15cm x 12.3cm x 12.5cm heterogenous right adrenal mass with peripheral enhancement in the arterial phase, progressing centripetally in the later phases and with unenhanced central portion, consistent with an adrenal hemangioma.


The patient underwent 2 cycles of preoperative CT angioembolization and subsequently underwent successful Laparoscopic-assisted Resection of the Right Adrenal gland. The final histopathologic sections revealed low-grade Adrenal Gland Carcinoma with negative resection margins.


Laparoscopic assisted resection of a Large Adrenal tumor is a safe, feasible option and an oncologically acceptable approach to the surgical extirpation of the mass as the definitive form of treatment. With experience, the large size of the adrenal mass and findings of malignancy should not be considered an absolute contraindication to any form of laparoscopic intervention, provided that oncologic principles and safe resection are observed.

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