Laparoscopic Approach to Revisional Bariatric Surgery

As the prevalence of bariatric procedures has increased, so have the number of patients presenting for revisional bariatric procedures. Many surgeons advocate an open approach to these revisions due to the complexity and variety of the procedures. We present our experience with a laparoscopic approach to revisional bariatric procedures

We performed 434 intra-abdominal bariatric procedures over a 5 year period. 53 (12%) were intra-abdominal revisional bariatric procedures. Indications for surgery and previous operations varied widely among this group.A retrospective review of our experience demonstrated that themajority of procedures were completed laparoscopically with reduced patient morbidity.

Our experience suggests that the majority of patients requiring revisional intra-abdominal bariatric procedures can be approached laparoscopically with the same patient benefit of a minimally invasive approach that has been demonstrated for primary bariatric procedures.

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