Laparobotic Approach to Adrenalectomy

From the study period July 2001- July 2009, a total of 30 adrenalectomy cases were performed. Mean age of patients 71 (37-83). Of these, 11 were male and 19 females. We used the daVinci 3-arm system from July 2001- December 2004. From the period of Jan 2005 till present day we switched to the daVinci 4-arm.
30 adrenalectomies (23 left, 6 right, 1 bilateral) performed with a mean tumor size of 4.76 cm (1.4-9). Pathology of the resected glands were 6 pheochromocytoma, 13 adrenal cortical adenomas, 6 metastatic tumor (Merkel’s cell carcinoma, renal cell carcinoma, non small cell lung cancer, carcinoma of the colon, malignant melanoma, and carcinoma of breast), 1 ganglioneuroma, 1 myelolipoma, 2 adrenal cyst, and 1 adrenal neoplasm. Only two cases were converted (conversion rate 6.6%) with maximum EBL of 400 cc. OR time improved from mean 170 minutes (120-210) with the old system to mean 80 minutes (60-180) with the new system. Length of stay was 2 days ( 1-6 days). Only 13% morbidites: 2 excessive bleeding, 1 postoperative hyponatremia, 1 pulmonary complication from underlying COPD and no mortalities.

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