Intussusception following laparoscopic Roux-en Y Gastric Bypass

Lucas Beffa, MD, Mark Perna, MD, Roger A de la Torre, MD. University of Missouri – Columbia.

 This is a case of a 41 year old 28 week pregnant female who had previously undergone a laparoscopic gastric bypass procedure 7 years prior.  She presented to an outside facility with acute onset of abdominal pain and hematemesis.  Her work up included an abdominal and pelvis computed tomography (CT), which revealed a large intussuscepted segment of small bowel with radiographic evidence of bowel ischemia.  She was then taken emergently to the operating room, where she underwent diagnostic laparoscopy, which is documented on the attached video, with reduction and resection of the ischemic segment of bowel.  This case was particularly unusual because the segment was a retrograde intussusception, and she was 28 weeks pregnant.  The outcome of the case was positive.  The patient and fetus tolerated the procedure well.  She ultimately went on to deliver a premature healthy child via cesearean section.  

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