Inflammatory Myoglandular Polyp of the Right Colon in a Patient with Hematochezia and Intermittent Rectal Pain.

INTRODUCTION: Inflammatory Myoglandular Polyps (IMP’s) are poorly characterized and extremely rare. They present most frequently in the left colon, and may produce symptoms related to this location. We present a case of IMP located in the right colon, associated with rectal symptoms, and offer a review of the available medical literature.

CASE REPORT: A 35 year old female was referred for the evaluation of intermittent rectodynia, tenesmus, and occasional hematochezia. The patient stated her condition had been present for at least 2 years. Routine physical examination and anoscopy in the office failed to show any anomalies and she was scheduled for outpatient colonoscopy. During the procedure a large pedunculated polyp was located and removed from the hepatic flexure. Pathological examination showed features consistant with a IMP. The patient reported complete resolution of her rectodynia and as of 1 year of follow up she remains asymptomatic.

DISCUSSION: As of September 2008 only 60 cases of IMP have been described in the available medical literature. The etiology of the polyp is unclear, and the overwhelming majority of the reports concern left colon and upper rectum lesions. Accordingly this is the first description of a right sided IMP associated with tenesmus and rectodynia. A review of the current knowledge of this unusual diagnosis is offered.

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