Impact of Iq, Computer-gaming Skills, General Dexterity and Laparoscopic Experience on the Performance with the Da Vinci® Surgical System

Due to improved ergonomics and dexterity, robotic surgery is supposed to be very easy to perfom for all individuals and no special premises should be necessary. We have tested the above hypothesis by measering IQ-elements, computer-gaming-skills, general dexterity with chop sticks and evaluating laparoscopic experience in correlation to the performance with the da Vinci robot® in a pelvi-trainer.

34 individuals were tested for robotic dexterity, IQ-elements, computer-gaming and general dexterity. Group1 included 18 surgically inexperienced probands. Group 2 included 16 trained surgeons. Each individual performed different tasks with the da Vinci® Surgical System. Times and errors were taken. An IQ test (Elements: logical thinking, 3-D-imagination, technical understanding) was accomplished by each proband. Computer skills were tested with a simple computer-game (Hand-eye-coordination) and general dexterity was evaluated by the use of chop sticks.

We found no correlation between logical thinking, 3-D-imagination and robotic skills. A significant correlation between robotic skills and technical understanding was observed (p0,05). Trained surgeons showed significantly superior performance with the da Vinci Surgical System in comparison to the inexperienced individuals (p

Session: Podium Presentation

Program Number: S070

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