IIJ Laparoscopic Trainer: A portable & affordable laparoscopic training system

Ibrahim I Jabbour, MD, MPH. UT Southwestern Medical Center

Objective of the technology or device:

The IIJ LAPAROSCOPIC TRAINER is a low-fidelity, inanimate laparoscopic training simulator which is both portable and affordable. This device may be used by laparoscopic trainees and practicing laparoscopists in preparation for the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) manual skills exam.

Description of the technology and method of its use or application:

This rectangular device is made of lightweight materials, easy to set-up, and and twists on itself to collapse into a smaller circular shape for storage and portability when not in use. To set up the device simply unfold it from its collapsed state and insert tubes into the sleeves on the side walls of the device to make it stand erect. The device uses the trainees own smartphone which is placed on the top surface aiming the camera lens through the centered aperture. The smartphone may be connected by wire or wirelessly to a television or computer monitor to simulate the laparoscopic display. Two proximal perforations are provided for the insertion of trocars and laparoscopic instruments to perform laparoscopic skills.

Preliminary results if available:

Preliminary results are not yet available as this device is in its prototype stage.

Conclusions/future directions:

The IIJ LAPAROSCOPIC TRAINER is a portable and affordable laparoscopic training system. Currently it is in its prototype stage with patent pending. In comparison to laparoscopic training devices currently on the market this device may be a more cost- and user-friendly solution for laparoscopic skills practice outside of a surgical skills laboratory. This device aims to emulate the actual FLS testing experience at low cost for individuals and training programs. Future directions include reliability and validity testing of this device as a laparoscopic surgery training apparatus.

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