Hydrodissector hook (A new device for safe dissection)

Sait Bakir, MD

This device (Hydrodissector hook) (Sait’s Hook) designed for dissect and cut tissue safely without damaging underlying tissues. This hook have a canal inside (like injection needles) so we can inject water from the tip hole of the hook. Before cutting or cautering surgeon inject water so it creates a safe working space.This prevents us from unwanted thermal injury. Hydrodissection helps create safe dissection plane. Also it can be use for irrigation for small areas by using the hook.

1. body

2. handle

3. control button

5. cauter cable

6. water pipe

7. water

8. cauter generator

10. cauter control pedal

11. body cross-section

12. tip cross-section


Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: ETP044

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