Hydatid Liver Cyst Laparosocpic Treatment

Jorge Nefa, MD2, Sergio Bustos Navarrete, MD1, Pablo Jaureguiberry, MD2, Martin Berducci, MD2, Cecilia Bustos, MD1, Jorge Bufaliza, MD2, Pablo Gomez, MD2, Pablo Omelanczuk, MD2. 2Hospital Italiano de Mendoza, 1Clinica Francesa de Mendoza


The Hydatid Liver cyst is a common disease in Argentina. The aim of this video is to present the alternative options of laparoscopic surgical treatment.


We present two cases.

The first one is a 55 years old male with abdominal pain and positive serology for hydatid disease. Ultrasound and MRI reveals one Hydatid liver cyst in segment II and another in segment V.

The second case is a 30 years old male who presents abdominal pain and nausea. Hydatid Serology was positive. Ultrasound detects gallbladder stones and Hydatid liver cyst in segment II.


In the first case we decided to perform a laparoscopic pericystectomy resection using energy and ultrasonic dissector devices. For bleeding control clips and Argon were used. Control Intraoperative Cholangiography without bile leak. Both Cysts are removing using a bag, drainage was placed in the surgical area.

In the second case we decided to perform a cystectomy because the cyst was very close to the biliary tree. First we protect the surgical area with roll gauza with saline solution, we performs puncture and aspiration of the cyst, and removing the cyst in a bag. Bile leakage was identified and resolved using an absorbable stitch. Finally we leave drainage and the epiplon is used to reduce the remnant cavity.


We believe that laparoscopic approach is a safe option for the liver hydatid cyst treatment. The alternative of treatment will be decided individually according the patient background disease and Intraoperative finding.

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