Hand Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery for Massive Splenomegaly

The patient is a 57 yo male with history of chronic lymphocytic leukemia for fifteen years and splenomegaly. Patient had a palpable spleen below the level of the umbilicus. His preoperative white blood cell count was 46000 and lymphocyte count was 40000.

A Hand port was placed in the upper midline. The patient was in the left lateral decubitus position. Short gastric vessels were divided in order to gain access to the lesser sac. The splenic artery was dissected from surrounding tissue and clipped. The fundus of the stomach was completely separated from the spleen. The splenorenal ligament was divided as high as possible. The hilum was cleared and transected with a vascular stapler. The spleen was removed in a large non-porous retrieveal bag. This video demonstrates the efficacy of the hand port in massive splenomegaly.

Session: Podium Video Presentation

Program Number: V021

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