Hand-Assisted Laparoscopic Hartmann’s Reversal is an efficacious and efficient procedure: A case control study

Background: laparoscopy may lower the mortality and morbidity rates of Hartmann’s procedure reversal. However, it remains difficult mainly due to adhesions of the small bowel and the rectal stump.
Methods: Retrospective review of the charts of 44 patients who had laparoscopic hand-assisted Hartmann’s reversal (Group A) between 2000 and 2007. On a case-control basis, these patients were compared to 42 patients (Group B) who had open Hratmann’s reversal during the same period.
Results: Preoperative patients characteristics (sex, gender, BMI, ASA status, prior surgery, comorbidities, colonic disease) were comparable. Conversion rate in Group A was 15.9 %. Operative incidents were comparable in both groups. Operative duration was non significantly shorter in Group A (155 min versus 180 min in Group B). Mortality rate was 2.2 % and 2.3 % in group A and B, respectively. Overall morbidity rate was 11.3 % and 19 % in Group A and B, respectively (p

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