Gelpointtm Single Incision Intracorporeal Anastomotic Techniques

Introduction: With single incision laparoscopy becoming a viable alternative to conventional laparoscopy, many techniques are being developed for the accomplishment of familiar tasks. Bowel resection either for benign disease, or cancer, is a feasible outlet for single incision surgery. We present our experience with two techniques of bowel resection and intracorporeal anastomosis.

Two patients, one with a congenital small bowel web, and one with a cecal mass are studied. The Gelpointtm System (Applied Medical, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) is utilized for access. The congenital web is resected using endoscopic stapling devices, a stapled anastomosis is performed, and the common channel is closed with traction stitches and another firing of an endoscopic stapler. The cecal mass is resected via a right hemicolectomy, ileo-colic stapled anastomosis created, and closure of the common channel is accomplished with two layered running suture.

Excellent results were achieved in both the benign and malignant setting. The oncologic resection of the right colon showed greater than 12 lymph nodes, and neither patient suffered any complication.

Gelpointtm single incision laparoscopy can be utilized in a variety of clinical scenarios with varied techniques for the resection of GI pathology. Either sewing the common channel or stapling the common opening, one can add single incision surgery to their surgical acumen with little difficulty.

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Program Number: V076

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