Flexible Endoloop ” Hand Made”

This is the abstract template. Seleem, M.Y Professor of surgeory – Cairo University

Introduction: Laparoscopic surgery has many advantages but the increased cost may cause some limitations to its aplication especially in development countries.The increse in cost may oblige surgeon to modify technique eg. Adobting assisted colectomy instead of completely laparoscopic if no staplers are available. Also it may affect availability of instruments, equipments and disposables if there is no budget is available for buying them and also this call for alternative solutions like this these suggested hand made flexible endoloop.

The flexible hand made endoloop is Formed of a nelaton catheter prolene suture on a cutting needle
They cost only 4 euro’s i.e 30 Egyp. Pounds. And it is Always available the endoloop is done simply by passing the prolene thread via the needle to the the tip of the catheter and aRoedor knot is made and the thread is pushed to come out from the 30 cc nealton catheter (size 8 FR )

Results: Flexible hand made endoloop Can be used in :
• Laparoscopic appendectomy.
• In Training courses for laparoscopy.
• May be in NOTES appendectomy (use ryle tube instead of nelaton catheter).
• Open surgery as an alternative to rubber band ligation for hemmorrhoidectomy

Conclusions: The hand made flexible endoloop is easily to be made, always available, cheaper and as effective as the normal one. It can be used in training for extracorporeal knotting. Can be used both in laparoscopic and open surgery.

Session: Poster

Program Number: P375

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